Products Overview

At NCB Merchant Bank (Trinidad and Tobago) Limited ,formerly NCB Global Finance, we fulfill the needs of our clients by providing structured products and solutions that enable them to accomplish their financial goals.

Our market focus is geared towards two target groups – Businesses and Investors.

Our key corporate finance products include:

Trade Finance

As competition continues to increase, companies are forced to seek new opportunities to keep ahead of the industry. One way by which companies have accomplished this goal in the past is to offer goods and services on credit. However, there are some drawbacks to this strategy:

    • Money is sometimes not received in a timely manner
    • A company can become cash strapped
    • Overdraft facilities can become difficult to manage
    • Bad relationships could develop between your company and its suppliers

With this in mind NCB Merchant Bank (Trinidad and Tobago) Limited ,formerly NCB Global Finance Group has created a product tailored to those companies that need to have “cash owed to them paid today.”

The product is called Short Term Trade Finance. It is a form of commercial finance whereby a business sells its accounts receivable (in the form of invoices) at a discount. Effectively, the business is no longer dependent on the conversion of accounts receivable to cash from the actual payment due from their customers, which takes place on typical 30 to 90 day term.

The benefits of this form of financing are as follows:

• Your company gains working capital without adding debt or diluting equity
• Your company can increase sales through credit extensions
• Your company does not have to surrender assets as security
• Your company’s creditworthiness does not affect the transaction’s success.

We look forward to meeting with you so that, we can better understand your needs and assess how best we can serve your company, as we seek to develop a mutually beneficial relationship.